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The Hansraj Finance Gazette

Jan- Mar 2023
Nov dec 2022

Nov 2023 Edition

This edition presents a comprehensive exploration of the ever changing landscape of Venture Capital in Indian Climate Tech. Uncover the complexities of Bad Banks, explore the digital transformation of E-Rupee, and ponder the profound impact of AI on accounting, finance, and employment. Much like the fast-paced world of finance, this edition is a symphony of diverse topics, offering a comprehensive pulse of the financial world.

Jan-Feb 2023 Edition

The Feb quarter of 2023 has brought about a plethora of groundbreaking incidents which could possibly shake the brittle core of the finance world. From Adani falling prey to Hindenburg Research, the Gazette makes sure that everything hidden comes under the limelight. From collecting legacies to covering an in-depth analysis of Budget 2023 to Software as a Service start-up, we can assure you that your Rational Expectation Theory will be put to the test, and hopefully met. This issue is a collection of scattered pieces in the finance world put together with a drizzle of exceptional content from the curators.

Nov-Dec 2022 Edition

Diverging from the previous editions, this month’s issue is a mammoth of different tabloids comprising events from a plausible crypto disaster after the scandal involving FTX and its founder to a takeover of different firms entangling the business tycoons of India. Byju’s spiralling bend to track down a devious scheme has made headlines for December’s edition. While the joint effort of some companies promises a propitious fortune, an odious grim might be awaiting the others. Speakin

sep 2022

Sep 2022 Edition

The cover for the September edition of the Gazette focuses on how advances in technology, specifically, the implementation of the 5G network in India, will be a game-changer for the Indian Economy. Besides a practical class on the advancement of technology, the edition also features an explanation as to why we tend to value the things we build more than their intrinsic value. From Blinkit's growing ambitions to drawing insights from the "investments" made by sneakerheads, this issue elucidates the prevalence of finance across a variety of industries, diving into the latest trends in fintech as well as uncovering unique concepts in the realm of behavioural finance and market theories.

Nov - 2023
jul-aug 2022

July-Aug 2022 Edition

Presenting before you a newsletter curated by the young investors from the Young Investors’ Fellowship Programme 3.0 (our annual finance fellowship programme for high school students). What makes this edition special is not its unique structure but the chest full of articles that it contains. This particular issue covers a motley of issues that persists in the world as we see it. An article that explores the prevalence of ageism, one that unveils the tricks Galileo used to fund his research, and another that will make you think twice before purchasing lipstick; this issue of the newsletter is one that you cannot miss!

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