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Mentorship and Consulting, FIC Hansraj

Mentorship and Consulting

FIC Hansraj realizes the ever-increasing industry requirements and the challenges that come with it. The Mentorship and Consulting wing was thus set in motion to help students acquire business acumen and to apply their skills by undertaking live projects. The wing has successfully executed several live projects spanning across Financial Modelling, Technical Analysis, Market Research to CSR strategies. The core vision of the society is to provide organizations with high quality and affordable consulting services in order to develop pragmatic as well as sustainable solutions to the challenges they face. With this, the wing aims at setting a benchmark in youth-based consulting.

About Us

With a goal to promulgate financial knowledge among the university students, The Finance and Investment Cell, Hansraj College has always aimed to furnish students with a platform that can augment skill development and apprise them of industry needs. Our focus is to develop consulting-oriented thinking among the members and equip them with the tools and resources necessary for careers in the consulting domain. Our objective is to establish a professional body which is directed towards implementing the precise combination of proficiency, creativity and analytical skills to deliver exclusive and extremely economic consulting services. As a student body of budding consultants, each of whom possesses the zeal and strength to make a difference, we aspire towards providing empirical, ingenious and viable solutions to philanthropic organizations around the globe to assist them in transforming their capacity to convey positive social impact. We aim to join hands with these socially conscious institutions who have set out to address some of the world's most pressing issues.

Our Domains

Operations Management

We focus on improving the efficiency of the value chain by devising strategies to reduce costs and optimizing business processes.

Market Research

We conduct tailor-made research for our client’s unique and varied requirements. This research is carried out independently to provide value added information to our clients for their decision making processes.

Growth Strategy

We devise an adroit roadmap for our clients to overcome current and future challenges to ensure that they achieve their desired growth rate.

Industry Research

We conduct industry analysis covering aspects like key players and competitors, growth and industry trends.

Marketing Strategy

Devising an overall game plan for a business to reach its prospective consumers and turning them into customers of their products or services.

Competitive Benchmarking

We can help you know your competitive position in the market, to help you work on a strategy to maintain an edge in the market.

Our Past Projects

Mentorship and Consulting, FIC Hansraj
Global Phrase Media, FIC Hansraj

Global Phrase Media | Industry Research, Competitive Benchmarking

 We drew up a comprehensive plan for our client to establish their presence in the Digital Marketing Space. After thorough industry analysis and a detailed study into the competitors’ strategy, we provided our conclusions and recommendations through a detailed report.

Contact Us

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Our Team

Shubhayo Mitra
Mridul Gupta
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Taran Gaur
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