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Oct 2021 Volume 3 Hansraj finance gazette
Dec 2021 Volume 3 Hansraj finance gazette
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The Hansraj Finance 'Gazette'

In this day and age with so much happening in the finance world, we at The Finance & Investment Cell, Hansraj College, recognized that there was a dire need of providing a one-stop solution for our readers so that they can keep themselves updated and be finance mavens. 

Keeping this in mind we launched “The Hansraj Finance Gazette”, a specially curated monthly newsletter that sums up everything related to finance under one roof for the readers.

The main sections of the newsletter are:

  • Monthly News Section 

To stay updated with the recent happenings in the financial world, the newsletter contains the top news of the month.

  • Featured Articles Section 

The gazette features articles on trending issues and core concepts to provide the readers with a holistic view.

  • Editor’s Special

The editors of the newsletter bring the readers their take on a wide range of themes via informative opinion pieces.

  • Investor’s Corner

This section brings to the readers different types of trading, investment strategies, paradox, analysis and many such insights from the investing world.

  • Finfun 

This is the most interesting section which contains all kinds of financial games and puzzles and even movie and book recommendations for the readers.

As reflected above, the gazette is a comprehensive newsletter with everything under one read.

Our Past Editions

V5 E4.png

'The Finance Gazette' - Jan-Mar 2023

The first quarter of 2023 has brought about a plethora of groundbreaking incidents which could possibly shake the brittle core of the finance world. From Adani falling prey to Hindenburg Research, the Gazette makes sure that everything hidden comes under the limelight. From collecting legacies to covering an in-depth analysis of Budget 2023 to Software as a Service start-up, we can assure you that your Rational ExpectationTheory will be put to the test, and hopefully met. This issue is a collection of scattered pieces in the finance world put together with a drizzle of exceptional content from the curators.

V5 E3 (1).png

'The Finance Gazette' - Nov-Dec 2022

Diverging from the previous editions, this month’s issue is a mammoth of different tabloids comprising events from a plausible crypto disaster after the scandal involving FTX and its founder to a takeover of different firms entangling the business tycoons of India. Byju’s spiralling bend to track down a devious scheme has made headlines for December’s edition. While the joint effort of some companies promises a propitious fortune, an odious grim might be awaiting the others. Speaking of which, did you know the ‘Rupee’ is in the queue to be the next global currency? 

V5 E3.png

'The Finance Gazette' - Sep 2022

The cover for the September edition of the Gazette focuses on how advances in technology, specifically, the implementation of the 5G network in India, will be a game-changer for the Indian Economy. Besides a practical class on the advancement of technology, the edition also features an explanation as to why we tend to value the things we build more than their intrinsic value. From Blinkit's growing ambitions to drawing insights from the "investments" made by sneakerheads, this issue elucidates the prevalence of finance across a variety of industries, diving into the latest trends in fintech as well as uncovering unique concepts in the realm of behavioural finance and market theories.

V5 E1.png

'The Finance Gazette' - Jun-July 2022

Presenting before you a newsletter curated by the young investors from the Young Investors’ Fellowship Programme 3.0 (our annual finance fellowship programme for high school students). What makes this edition special is not its unique structure but the chest full of articles that it contains. This particular issue covers a motley of issues that persists in the world as we see it. An article that explores the prevalence of ageism, one that unveils the tricks Galileo used to fund his research, and another that will make you think twice before purchasing lipstick; this issue of the newsletter is one that you cannot miss!

Feb 2022 Volume 4 Hansraj finance gazette

'The Finance Gazette' - Feb 2022

Presenting the February issue under volume IV of the Finance Gazette, we bring to our readers their one-stop newsletter to dispel those lingering doubts, covering a plethora of topics that took place in the month of February. The gazette also provides interesting takes on topics such as the Nehruvian model of development, and how something as small as a nail has the capacity to offer a window into the economic change. It offers the opportunity to brainstorm on the crossword, have a hearty laugh whilst looking at the memes, tweets and cartoons and also pick up some tips pertaining to investment opportunities and habits.

Jan 2022 Volume 4 Hansraj finance gazette

'The Finance Gazette' - Jan 2022

The first issue of Hansraj Finance Gazette's fourth edition offers a plethora of meticulously curated content only to leave the readers wanting more. In this edition, we talk about the newsmakers of January; an array of riveting topics with unique twists of our own and an in-depth analysis along with a candid interview of Mr Subhash Garg, the former finance secretary, to give our readers a 360-degree perspective of the Union Budget 2022-23.  To top it off, we bring to you nothing but the best straight from the editors' desk and a fun section to exercise your brain and tickle your bones.

Dec 2021 Volume 3 Hansraj finance gazette

'The Finance Gazette' - Nov  - Dec 2021

FIC Hansraj presents the YIFP'21 Fellow Edition of the Hansraj Finance Gazette wherein the esteemed cohort of top 30 fellows of the Young Investors' Fellowship Programme were given an opportunity to write for the gazette! The fellows wrote some exemplary articles on topics like financial markets of the apes, insights on the podcast industries, coffee can investing and much more! The cover story for this issue throws light on the Santa Clause Rally, an increase in stock market in the last week of December and the first 2 days of January.

Oct 2021 Volume 3 Hansraj finance gazette

'The Finance Gazette' - Sept - Oct 2021

The September-October consolidated edition of the Hansraj Finance Gazette presents in its cover story an indepth analysis of the plans for implementation and implications of the National Monetization Pipeline announced by the Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitaraman. We present exclusive insights from all the major happenings in the past 2 months including the Evergrande disaster, Facebook's corporate rebrand, latest updates from the Theranos Trial and much more whilst educating our readers on the intriguing concepts of finance through a range of uniquely curated articles.


'The Finance Gazette' - August 2021

The August issue of the Hansraj Finance Gazette provides a holistic view of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and its economic impacts on the country and the rest of the world along with an intriguing investment section, amusing financial games, and recommendations, articles on an in-depth study of various financial domains and all the important news of August 2021 to enlighten the readers with every financial happening of the month and other fascinating concepts in just one read.

The Hansraj Finance Gazette, FIC Hansraj

'The Finance Gazette' - July 2021

Marking the launch of the 3rd volume of the Hansraj Finance Gazette, the latest July offering takes our subscribers on a tour across the vast domains of finance comprising an insightful investing section, a learning-oriented Finfun section and a plethora of thought-provoking articles. From traversing the popular IPO season in the form of an exclusive cover story to touring space with the world's richest, this edition brings all the major financial highlights of the past month to your fingertips.

The Hansraj Finance Gazette, FIC Hansraj, February 2021

'The Finance Gazette' - February 2021

Presenting the February issue under volume II of the Finance Gazette, we bring to our readers their one-stop newsletter to stay updated with everything that happened this month. Covering all the major financial highlights, featuring exclusive articles, a special corner for budding investors, and the enjoyable Finfun section, this month's edition showcases insights from Project Parivartan survey report - one of the largest undergraduate financial literacy drives across India, undertaken by FIC.

The Hansraj Gazette, Januray 2021, FIC Hansraj

'The Finance Gazette' -  January  2021

Presenting the Volume II January issue of the Hansraj Finance Gazette. With the new year and the new normal, We are back with an all-new theme. In addition to the plethora of financial highlights covered in this edition, a new insightful investing section, and an engaging finfun section, we present an exclusive analysis of the 2021 Budget and its impact on various sectors. Truly redefining our reader experience, we take you on a journey across everything under the sun that happened in January.

The Hansraj Finance Gazette, FIC Hansraj, December 2020

'The Finance Gazette' -  December  2020

The December Edition of the “Hansraj Finance Gazette” delivers the readers with fresh takes on the financial news they need to start their day with. From its light tone to its broad finance and business scope, it occupies the same niche. It covers the months' most significant business and financial stories in quick and succinct summaries. A range of articles covering intriguing topics like Bitcoin, Blockchain, Microfinance, etc is included in the newsletter. 

The Hansraj Finance Gazette, November 2020, FIC Hansraj

'The Finance Gazette' -  November  2020

The November Edition of the “Hansraj Finance Gazette” entails a plethora of articles ranging from Impact Investing to Corporate Social Responsibility. The newsletter not only talks about outer world finances but also aims at educating the readers in personal finance. A considerable amount of light has been thrown on all sectors of the industry i.e.financing, private equity, banking, etc. A separate section has been dedicated to fun with finance including “Did you know?” and “Weird Wizard”.

The Hansraj Finance Gazette, October 2020, FIC Hansraj

'The Finance Gazette' -  October  2020

This issue promises a diverse set of articles covering topics like Big Data and Cafeteria Plan. It includes some of the most trending news that made the headlines ranging from Jio's 5G smartphones plan to The Farms Bill 2020. This edition would surely induce you to discover more about the finance world.

The Hansraj Finance Gazette, September 2020, FIC Hansraj

'The Finance Gazette' -  September  2020

We have often used LinkedIn as a platform but have we ever wondered about LinkedIn's own strengths and weaknesses? If you want to know about fascinating concepts like Zombie Company and Cookie Jar Accounting, this is your place to be. Read about more such absorbing pieces in this September issue.

The Hansraj Finance Gazette, August 2020, FIC Hansraj

'The Finance Gazette' -  August  2020

The second issue of the Gazette throws light on major subjects like Neo banking, Helicopter Money, Newton's Law of International Trade amongst others. The editors especially bring to you intriguing pieces on The Cockroach Theory, AI in Finance, and Microfinance. The newsletter also reports major news ranging from Alibaba Group’s FDI, Monetary Policy Report of RBI, UPI, and much more. The newsletter surely provides a 360 financial view of the month of August 2020. 

The Hansraj Finance Gazette, July 2020, FIC Hansraj

'The Finance Gazette' -  July  2020

July 2020 marks the commencement of the “Hansraj’s Finance Gazette”. The introductory newsletter covers groundbreaking news ranging from India- Sri Lanka signs currency swap to ease borrowing cap in relief for discoms. It  provides a holistic view on subjects like the Gambler’s Fallacy, Spotify Spectacle and answers the questions such as  ‘Why Printing more Money causes inflation?’ The gazette also equips puzzles and stock market takeaways and much more. 

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