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Editorial and Marketing Department FIC Hansraj

Editorial & Marketing Department

The EDM department integrates the public in the FIC family by getting them subscribed and associated with us by reaching out to them. Through the writing prowess of the members, it strives to provide the best content to its special pool of readers and followers.

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The Editorial and Marketing Department (EDM) plays a pivotal role in the daily functioning of the cell. Details regarding any activity of the cell, be it any event, session or publication has to reach the public in the crispest yet intriguing manner so that justice is done to the tremendous efforts put behind curating these articles. Swami Vivekananda rightly said,” Think of the power of words”. The words knitted in a beautiful piece of article on any finance topic can do wonders and go a long way in letting our audience know everything under the sun of finance. This is what the department stands for.


The EDM department is responsible for maintaining the social media presence of the Cell across all platforms. This holds paramount importance as every content that goes out on the social media pages constitutes the face of the Cell. Functioning in tandem with the Tech department, especially among the other departments, EDM releases its own set of financial articles through the weekly post and story series. From the recent market trends in news to lesser-known trivia facts about finance, the Cell has got it covered. The Hansraj Finance Gazette was another initiative of the EDM department that started in 2020 and springboarded to success in a short span of time.


Marketing is the heart and soul of the department. The elite activities conducted by the Cell should be voiced out to every realm so that the maximum number of people can reap the benefits. The department ensures extensive marketing is done through moment marketing posts, collaborating with other societies, and tapping several other channels. 1500+ registrations in Empresa’ 21 and 400+ registrations in the Young Investors’ Fellowship Programme’21 is a testimony to the efforts put in by the department. 


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Our Team

Neha Agarwal
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Anshul Sethi
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Alok Kumar Pandey
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