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The FIC Hansraj Finance Gazette

The Hansraj Finance Gazette

We offer the best return of knowledge on your investment of time.


Finance & Investment Cell, Hansraj College was incorporated in 2014 with the vision of spreading financial literacy and disseminating quintessential knowledge on various aspects of finance among all sections of society. Over the years, we have undertaken numerous initiatives to advocate our vision, becoming one of the country's most renowned student-run finance cells.

In our latest endeavour to promulgate financial awareness, we present to you our monthly newsletter, the Hansraj Finance Gazette - your one-stop destination to stay updated with everything finance. The newsletter has been operational since 2020 and we have garnered a family of 8500+ readers.

Get ready to have finance at your fingertips as we bring before you exclusive coverage of all the financial highlights of the month, thought-provoking articles and exclusive user-centric activity sections to provide the best reading experience.

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