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The Hansraj Finance Gazette

dec 2020

December 2020 Edition

The December Edition of the “Hansraj Finance Gazette” delivers the readers with fresh takes on the financial news they need to start their day with. From its light tone to its broad finance and business scope, it occupies the same niche. It covers the months' most significant business and financial stories in quick and succinct summaries. A range of articles covering intriguing topics like Bitcoin, Blockchain, Microfinance, etc is included in the newsletter. Plus, it also includes a fun “Weird Wizard” section that ties together with “Did you know?”. What’s not to like?

November 2020 Edition

The November Edition of the “Hansraj Finance Gazette” entails a plethora of articles ranging from Impact Investing to Corporate Social Responsibility. The newsletter not only talks about outer world finances but also aims at educating the readers in personal finance. A considerable amount of light has been thrown on all sectors of the industry i.e.financing, private equity, banking, etc. A separate section has been dedicated to fun with finance including “Did you know?” and “Weird Wizard”.

nov 2020

October 2020 Edition

This issue promises a diverse set of articles covering topics like Big Data and Cafeteria Plan. It includes some of the most trending news that made the headlines ranging from Jio's 5G smartphones plan to The Farms Bill 2020. This edition would surely induce you to discover more about the finance world.

oct 2020

September 2020 Edition

We have often used LinkedIn as a platform but have we ever wondered about LinkedIn's own strengths and weaknesses? If you want to know about fascinating concepts like Zombie Company and Cookie Jar Accounting, this is your place to be. Read about more such absorbing pieces in this September issue.

Sept 2020

August 2020 Edition

The second issue of the Gazette throws light on major subjects like Neo banking, Helicopter Money, Newton's Law of International Trade amongst others. The editors especially bring to you intriguing pieces on The Cockroach Theory, AI in Finance, and Microfinance. The newsletter also reports major news ranging from Alibaba Group’s FDI, Monetary Policy Report of RBI, UPI, and much more. The newsletter surely provides a 360 financial view of the month of August 2020. 

August 2020
JULY 2020

July 2020 Edition

July 2020 marks the commencement of the “Hansraj’s Finance Gazette”. The introductory newsletter covers groundbreaking news ranging from India- Sri Lanka signs currency swap to ease borrowing cap in relief for Distribution Companies (discoms). It  provides a holistic view on subjects like the Gambler’s Fallacy, Spotify Spectacle and answers the questions such as  ‘Why Printing more Money causes inflation?’ The gazette also equips puzzles and stock market takeaways and much more. 

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