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Research & Development Department

The Research and Development Cell aims to spread awareness about everything finance and beyond. We attempt at breaking conventionally complex financial concepts and news into a simplified manner by hosting interactive discussions, sessions with industry experts on topics like Investment Avenues etc. We also try to help our fellow members to expand their horizons beyond the classroom by giving practical exposure through stock market simulations etc as we try to uphold empirical knowledge.

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The Research and Development department of FIC, Hansraj College is dedicated to increasing awareness about the world of finance and beyond. It helps in getting ground-up introduction to finance through in house activities and real-world finance experiences. The primary objective of the department is to develop an interest in various areas of finance through panel discussions, sessions with industry experts, keynote sessions, workshops and much more. The department also inculcates practical understanding among students through stock market simulations. 


A brief overview of the work done by the department:

  • Conducted in house sessions on topics like Alternative Investments, Immigration Economics, Cryptocurrency movements.

  • Organised educational visits including a visit to SEBI to understand financial regulations in India.

  • Prepared a research paper on Universal Basic Income: A dream or a Necessity for India.

Research on Universal Basic Income

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The concept of Universal Basic Income, a periodic and unconditional cash payment to all citizens, has gained renewed attention in the recent past amid growing concerns of Technological unemployment in advanced economies. Recently economists all around the world have advocated the case for a UBI, where cash distributed to all citizens, regardless of their income, will contribute towards social reform and emerge as a powerful tool in poverty alleviation. Firstly, this paper throws light on the legal aspects of the idea pertaining to UBI laying emphasis on the concept of substantive dignity, which acts as a basis for all rights and freedoms available to the citizens. Further, this paper analyses whether UBI is the way forward along with its feasibility by scrutinizing the success of UBI pilots undertaken in different parts of the world. In the last section of this paper, we have given some policy recommendations which include a phased 10-year program and redirection of funds which will provide a layout of a possible implementation of this much-desired program.


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