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Project Parivartan

One of the biggest Student Driven
Pan-India Financial Literacy Drives


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Project Parivartan, FIC Hansraj


Project Parivartan was a Pan India initiative undertaken by the social wing of the Finance and Investment Cell, Hansraj with the aim to integrate both social responsibility and finance. The 20-day long financial drive included Pan India surveys, financial literacy sessions in NGOs, reports and a concluding conference. The largest Pan India financial literacy drive, Parivartan has impacted over 5000 individuals across 30+ cities and pledges to continue sensitising the society about the importance of finance.

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Project Parivartan, FIC Hansraj


Surveys were undertaken by the members of the society in an attempt to understand and get a realistic picture about the financial literacy and financial inclusion amongst various stakeholders of the society like house helps, Kirana store owners, vendors, housewives and so on. The questionnaire, including the interviewer instructions were translated into local languages. The information so gathered was analysed and a detailed report was prepared.

Project Parivartan, FIC Hansraj

NGO Sessions

More than 20 NGO sessions, both online and offline, were conducted where the members went to the  respective NGOs to take sessions on financial literacy. Fun activities were undertaken to help the listeners feel at ease and then lectures were conducted. Proper curriculum was prepared and the sessions were delivered according to their age and other requirements of the receivers. This helped bring direct impact as it added to the knowledge of both the members as well as the receivers.

Mr. V. Muraleedharan
(Union Minister of the State)

Letter of Recommendation

FIC Hansraj Parivartan JIO LOR

Rajneesh Jain

CFO, Reliance JIO

Survey Report: Project Parivartan

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