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Finance platter FIC Hansraj

Finance Platter 

Finance Platter 2019

The Finance and Investment Cell, Hansraj College hosted the sixth edition of its flagship event, Finance Platter on the 22nd of October, 2019 in which enthusiasts dove into the dynamic world of finance and engaged in a riveting battle of wits.

The event was jam packed with vigour, manoeuvre, and financial acumen as students fought with their intellectual swords for the top spot in the two events ‘Sharelocked’ and ‘Vindication’, the winners of which took home grand cash prizes of 50000 and 8 Singapore round tickets.

  • Sharelocked- Vanquish the bear, Exalt the bull- the digital mock stock competition compelled the participants to plunge deep and analyse and forecast their way to profits in a nonpareil trading scenario.

  • Vindication - Defend the Defenders- a novel concept by the Cell pushed the players to put their thinking caps on as they endeavoured to unframe their beloved superheroes who had been accused of a flagitious felony in an exciting game of auction, problem solving and some out of the box thinking.

Finance Platter '19 was truly a celebration of Finance as the Cell believes in embracing ingenuity.


Through ages and generations, it’s been Superheroes who’ve rescued mankind and saved it from viciousness and atrocities. They have been the saviours helping us survive the ravages of time. But who would have imagined that these superheroes would taint their names and will require us to be their saviours?

Vindication: Defend the Defenders called upon the horde to tackle this inconceivable state of affairs.

It was a call for all fandoms and a call for true fans to save the legacies of their heroes.

A call to save their saviours.

Set in Elon Musk’s spaceship, 20 defenders competed to unframe their heroes on the charge of murdering Elon Musk. They bid for weapons, and to obtain clues to get closer to free their superheroes. They traded with their competitors to ace this mystery and to win a trip to Singapore and a cash prize of 20000 rupees.

This astounding idea was propagated through a video which was enacted by the inventors of this implausible fantasy. To add more life to this reverie, the battle ground was set up like a crime scene as a stimulator for the horde.

It was a game of your wit and grit that gave you time to untwine the nets of enigma and conundrum and unframe the participants' superhero personas.



Stock market is not for those whose minds are placid, straightforward, barely used. It's for the minds that are 'like an engine, racing out of control; a rocket tearing itself to pieces!' As Sherlock Holmes would put it.

Sharelocked: “I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high functioning finopath inviting all the Budding investors pulling in the best of knowledge to escalate their portfolios and get it through the various investment opportunities to vanquish the bear and exalt the bull.”

The Finance and Investment Cell, Hansraj College had proudly hosted the sixth edition of its flagship event finance platter wherein Sharelocked undisputedly turned out to be a cynosure of all eyes. It was no less than what's called a befitting simulation of a true capital market experience. What was overseen was nothing short of quintessential participants analysing the chronology of events to form a conclusive decision of what's best to invest in. A perfect amalgamation of spell binding financial takeaways which could blow the stock market in moments. From deciphering implications of multifarious headlines to directing their brains towards finding a stable currency for investment, from understanding how long a stock option would fare to drawing a parallel for short selling and from pinning investments in hedge funds to exhibiting exemplary negotiations in inter-selling rounds, the participants tried their best to make themselves the most strategic and long-surviving investor in the stock market. Unlike anywhere else, FP '19 had in store a round to test the participants' far-sightedness in judging the fluctuations in hedge fund portfolios, in addition to having an inter-negotiable round.


It was a battle of all those who breathe profits and exhale losses. The motive was to emerge victorious... No matter what. As Sherlock Holmes would put it, "Who cares about decent? The game is on!”.

Finance Platter 19 sharelocked
Finance Platter 19 Fic Hansraj challenge
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